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In the last year, me, my family and my friends faced a lot of challenges due to asymmetry in information related to visa, immigration and custom allowances. In one incident, my mom was traveling back from the US via Canada. And to do so for even a small 2-3 hr layover, she was required to carry a Canadian transit visa. Due to this last minute information, she was not able to take that flight which cost us $1500 💰.

In a second incident, one of my friends was traveling to Singapore with his family. He smokes sometimes and always carries a pack of chewing gum 🍬 along with him. To his surprise, chewing gum is not allowed in Singapore and if caught, authorities would have levied a fine worth $300 - $400.

In 2023, I was traveling to Vietnam with one of my friends and wanted to carry a homemade coffee liqueur 🍾 from the hills of Coorg for her (Yes, she loves coffee ☕ ). I researched for a couple of days but never got to know about the baggage allowance as per Vietnamese customs duty on how much alcohol I can carry.

These incidents motivated me to start vascovisa.com, with the idea to solve information asymmetry existing in international travel pertaining to visa requirements, customs baggage allowance, airline compliance, passports.

Want to join me on my journey, write to me at amandeep.sg@vascovisa.com