⚙️ How it works


Welcome to the "How It Works" page of VascoVisa, where we leverage the cutting-edge capabilities of Viva AI and Viva Bot to ensure our readers receive the latest and most accurate information. Here's a step-by-step breakdown of our process.

Data Gathering with Viva Bot

Viva Bot, following the prescribed crawling policy, periodically visits key government websites, including:

During these visits, Viva Bot extracts the most up-to-date information, creating a comprehensive dataset for further processing.

Data Processing with Viva AI

Once the information is securely stored, Viva AI takes charge of processing the data. It systematically reviews each data point, extracting the most relevant information based on the instructions provided by our prompt engineers.

Validation and Publication

The extracted data undergoes thorough validation to ensure accuracy and reliability. Subsequently, the verified information is promptly published on vascovisa.com.

By leveraging this dynamic process, VascoVisa ensures that our readers have access to the most recent and pertinent information essential for planning their international travel. Stay informed, plan confidently, and embark on your journeys with VascoVisa.